#WalangForever we hear it almost everyday and it has been a trending expression due to the number of teleseryes most especially Forevermore and even the recent news of Paris love locks being taken down. Does happily every after or forever non-existent especially in this day and age? Are we really living in the age where people no longer believe in the power of everlasting love? My say...#MayForever with the right person and the right time.

Used to be a symbol of love, Paris ends its love affair with its love locks. Photo from ccn.com

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A BIG thing called…LOVE


We live in a generation where everything is just a push of a button, internet on our fingertips, instant noodles and fast lanes. In this fast paced world, most of us don’t appreciate the idea of waiting; often times we get irritated when we wait in line or in train station. Humanly speaking, who wants to wait if we can get things done in a snap? As I came across this particular Thai movie, named crazy little thing called love it amazes me how it captured the idea of waiting and true love, unlike most movies nowadays where characters become impulsive and rush into love…ending in heartbreak. As I went on to reflect in this movie I can connect it with the love of God for us.

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Confessions of a no boyfriend since birth.

*A repost from my old blog

I’m turning 20 next month, and most of my friends and even colleagues would ask me many times (to the point na di pa ba kayo nagsasawa magtanong) why I don’t have nor never had a boyfriend coz in this world people would assume that in this age one SHOULD already or at least tried having one.

I wrote this because I hope this would inspire young women just like me to wait, and not jump into a relationship headfirst that would only break your heart and cause heart aches. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti-relationship kind of person. There are loads of couples that I truly admire :”> I hopelessly romantic person and dreams of my Prince Charming a.k.a. GB (God’s Best).

Above all else I wanted to pursue being a woman after God’s own heart just like King David (I know he’s a man but still…) in the Psalms that he wrote, it reflects how intimate His relationship is with the Lord and I want to become someone like that.

I don’t want to get into a relationship just because I needed someone to complete me,rather I wanted to get into a relationship because I am ready to be part of that’s person’s life and him be part of mine. I thank God and those people who have been with me through the years who guided me and loved me unconditionally. I also had my fair share of insecurities especially in High School  when most of my girl friends would have boyfriends and have dates on Valentines Day and receive giant teddy bears but because God has already fill in that part of my heart that longs to be loved I am satisfied with Him alone. What He did on the cross is more than enough for me.


At this point in my life, what I am praying for is for God to work through me and let me grow into a woman just like in Proverbs 31.

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