Denim Dream

Since today is Friday, I want to give a #FlashbackFriday worthy post for all my readers.This is actually the outfit post that started it all. Before I started blogging, I never really took into account what I wear or my personal style but since my friends are really good in encouraging me – I gave … More Denim Dream


 Ethereal, means resembling heaven, airy or very delicate. Lace dresses can be hard to pull off especially as casual wear. But this Lace dress from H&M is an exception its stretchy and the cut flatters my body, it makes me feel like a fairy princess.                       … More Ethereal


When you hear the word SWAG what comes into your mind? Usually people would refer it to arrogant or “maangas” in Filipino. Or others relates it so much to the Hiphop culture. But the word swag simply means the way you carry yourself or present yourself in confidence (from Urban I usually wear this … More Swaggirl

Candy Crush

Here’s my take on Candy Style Awards Prom Pretty look, since I’m betting that most of the girls would wear flowy and light colored dresses I opted for a more “mature” look but still maintaned a touch of girliness. I wore a Lace & Tulle black dress design by me, I really love the tulle … More Candy Crush

All Aboard

What is the best way to start the year than by a celebration! Last January 30, our company popularly known as Starbucks o celebrated our 15th annual dinner at SMX Convention Center with Cruise as its theme. So here’s what I wore… Dress by Apartment 8 | Shoes by Primadonna | Accessories by Forever21 My … More All Aboard

Tangerine Smiles

What would you do if the weather is so gloomy? For me my best bet is wear something happy and colorful to perk up my day! I love how the colors pop out against my white sheer top most especially my neon orange flats that can even pass as an early warning device. And have you … More Tangerine Smiles

Blue Roast

This is what I wore to MEGA Magazine X SM Holiday Collection Event at Prive last December 11, 2012. It was actually some sort of a spur of the moment invite c/o my dancer/blogger friend Tin Advincula Given that, wearing a little black dress seems to be the safest bet for most of us but this time instead … More Blue Roast

Night of Knits

It’s already December,we got chilly nights but in the afternoon it so hot like I wanna die. So I opt to wear an outfit that would satisfy me both, but still dressy and comfy at the same time. A day to night outfit in other words. Wearing knits came to mind in an instant! Knitted … More Night of Knits