Perks of Being Awkward

This post was originally written last September 2013 from my previous blog at Tumblr. I will be writing a its part two on the next days. 🙂  Dancing has been a big part of my life, as far as I can remember I’ve always been a dancer. Since then I’ve always been part of our school’s [...]

Running the Race with Perseverance

I am not a fan of jogging, its actually my nemesis. Last Saturday, I was challenged because our agenda is to do conditioning the whole training time and the first one on the list is my dreaded exercise jogging. So we started jogging around Frontera Verde area at first I was okay trying to keep [...]

Kross Culture Manila: The Werd on the street

Last July 29, 2013 our church, Christ Commision Fellowship (CCF) and Our dance ministry Iron Saints was given an opportunity to host the Vision Casting led by Pastor Matthew "Mistery" Peet from Krosswerdz Australia along with his other teammates. This event aims to give hip hop artists a vision to use this type of culture [...]