Perks of Being Awkward

This post was originally written last September 2013 from my previous blog at Tumblr. I will be writing a its part two on the next days. 🙂  Dancing has been a big part of my life, as far as I can remember I’ve always been a dancer. Since then I’ve always been part of our school’s [...]

Daloy Dance Company’s Erick Dizon and Buboy Raquitico will Compete In Korea International Modern Dance Competition.

Daloy Dance Company's Erick Dizon and Buboy Raquitico will Compete In Korea International Modern Dance Competition.  These two dancers will represent our country under the tutelage of Ea Torrado, with their strong will and vigorous training for sure they will make our country proud. Erick Dizon Dancer and Teacher of Modern Jazz, Ethnic and Folk, and [...]

Dance Vocabulary: Sissonne

(C) Wesley Galvez Sissonne This jump, from both feet onto one foot, looks like the action of crossing blades in a pair of scissors. The jump starts from fifth position and lands on the leg which the dancer jumped from, leaving the other leg extended in dégagé (pointed toe extended off the floor at 45 [...]

#REDph A young, exciting contemporary dance team is making its way to the Manila dance scene. If you’ve got the drive, passion, and courage to delve into something new, then you might fit right in! RED will be holding auditions on April 26 at GrooveCentral Studio, K-Zone Building, EDSA, QC from 4:00pm to 7:00pm Registration [...]

Dance with Daloy this Summer!

Have you found yourself admiring the choreographies at SYTYCD especially those of Mia Michaels? Or being the Sugar Plum fairy at The Nutcracker? This Summer Daloy Dance Company opens its doors a whole new experience in the contemporary dance scene. They offer the following classes: 1. Jazz 2. Contemporary Dance 3. Creative Movement 4. Contact Improvisation 5. [...]

Ballet Manila brings back our well-loved classic-Swan Lake

In Swan Lake, Prince Siegfried falls in love with Odette who is cursed to become a swan at night. But he is tricked by the evil Robarth into falling for Odile, the black swan. Siegfried realizes his mistake and asks for Odette's forgiveness. Together the reunited lovers jump into the lake, break the spell on the other-girls-turned [...]