Perks of Being Awkward

This post was originally written last September 2013 from my previous blog at Tumblr. I will be writing a its part two on the next days. 🙂 


Dancing has been a big part of my life, as far as I can remember I’ve always been a dancer. Since then I’ve always been part of our school’s dance troupe and my identity would be “the dancer”. I want to go to New York to study dance, in a studio filled with mirrors and bars.I’ve always dreamed of being a dance teacher and eventually have my own arts school.

I never had formal training aside from what I got from school, I ventured through cheerleading and jazz throughout High School. Being petite, I’ve always been a flyer.


Practicing our tosses. (I even had braces  circa 2007

After sometime I entered the world of streetdance,through our church’s dance ministry then-called WD4J or we Dance For Jesus there starting out is very hard coz I can’t find my groove being a so linear. I feel ugly, and the perfect word is AWKWARD.

At that point, I hated my so-called “background” why I have to be so linear and I find it hard to be “maangas” the cheerleader in me keeps coming out. I would really try to do my best every training to be a better or at least not look awkward and start feeling comfortable with my body. There are times that I would really get discouraged and wanted to stop dancing because people would say that I look awkward or I simply don’t make the cut. But thanks God! Being in the dance ministry is a different story, I was reminded with why I dance at the first place and who I dance for.


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Daloy Dance Company’s Erick Dizon and Buboy Raquitico will Compete In Korea International Modern Dance Competition.

Daloy Dance Company‘s Erick Dizon and Buboy Raquitico will Compete In Korea International Modern Dance Competition. 

(3) Profile of Delegates and Coach_ Korea Competition3

These two dancers will represent our country under the tutelage of Ea Torrado, with their strong will and vigorous training for sure they will make our country proud.

(4) Profile of Delegates and Coach_ Korea Competition4

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Dance Vocabulary: Sissonne


(C) Wesley Galvez


This jump, from both feet onto one foot, looks like the action of crossing blades in a pair of scissors. The jump starts from fifth position and lands on the leg which the dancer jumped from, leaving the other leg extended in dégagé (pointed toe extended off the floor at 45 degrees, a la seconde or en arrière).

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A young, exciting contemporary dance team is making its way to the Manila dance scene. If you’ve got the drive, passion, and courage to delve into something new, then you might fit right in!

RED will be holding auditions on April 26 at GrooveCentral Studio, K-Zone Building, EDSA, QC from 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Registration fee: P150. No technical background required; it’s just all about the movement!

Contact Michelle Kawpeng on Facebook!

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Dance with Daloy this Summer!

(7) Summer Workshop Schedule
Have you found yourself admiring the choreographies at SYTYCD especially those of Mia Michaels? Or being the Sugar Plum fairy at The Nutcracker?
This Summer Daloy Dance Company opens its doors a whole new experience in the contemporary dance scene.
(8) Summer Workshop Package

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Ballet Manila brings back our well-loved classic-Swan Lake


In Swan Lake, Prince Siegfried falls in love with Odette who is cursed to become a swan at night. But he is tricked by the evil Robarth into falling for Odile, the black swan. Siegfried realizes his mistake and asks for Odette’s forgiveness. Together the reunited lovers jump into the lake, break the spell on the other-girls-turned swan and vanquish the pair of Odette and Robarth, before ascending to the heavens above Swan Lake.

Who wouldn’t know this classical ballet piece, one may have familiarized himself to the story of Swan Lake through Black Swan or even Barbie’s version of Swan Lake. This year Ballet Manila celebrates its classical roots as it brings back this iconic classical piece with choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov.

According to Ms. Liza Macuja-Elizalde, Ballet Manila’s Artictic Director Swan Lake is regarded as one of the most difficult roles in the classical ballet repetoire. “The Swan Lake  was first choreographed to feature two separate ballerinas- one to dance Odette and the other to dance Odile. But later on both roles came to be danced by just one person.”  She even regarded it a balletic schizophrenia knowing that the dancer will have to transform from being the lyrical and vulnerable Odette to the seductive and cunning Odile, aside from that it also quite superhuman and demanding to one’s stamina to play the role.

Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, as she candidly answers our questions.
Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, as she candidly answers our questions.
Ms. Lisa as she demonstrates the perfect 180 degree turn out that she requires her students and how it affects their lines and kicks.
Ms. Lisa as she demonstrates the perfect 180 degree turn out that she requires her students and how it affects their lines and kicks.

Given that Swan Lake is one of the most rigorous classical ballet pieces to stage, It took only a month for Ballet Manila to prepare for the production since most of the dancers at the corps de ballet are already part of the past swan lake productions.For Ms. Lisa, showcasing this piece is also a form of test not only to the company’s principal and soloist but to its corps the ballet. That also came as one of the challenges for Ballet Manila, since the company has more male dancers than female dancers. So advanced students from the school has to be tapped as part of the production, the drills went under the watchful eyes of guest ballet mistress Natalia Raldugina and Ballet Manila’s very own co-artistic director and ballet master, Osias Barroso. But how does one bag the role of the lead characters?

They were given “assignments” for example the solos at the act 1 or the pas de deux at act 3 whoever Ms. Lisa sees as most fits the role will be given the lead roles. This particular version of Swan Lake will be brought to life by Ballet Manila’s finest ballerinas Mylene Aggabao, Dawna Mangahas and Abigail Oliveiro. Partnered to their respective Siegfrieds Elpidio Magat, Alfred Salgado and principal dancer Rudy De Dios. However the gala on November 15, Saturday, 7:30pm and November 16, Sunday , 3pm will feature guest artists Maxim Chaschegorov and Katherina Markowskaja of the Bavarian State Ballet.

A sneak peek of Ballet Manila’s Swan Lake:

The Corps De Ballet.

DSC_8924 DSC_8926

Truly, a company’s production of Swan lake can make or break the classical tradition of a ballet company. “For as long as Ballet manila thrives, it will embrace its classical roots and Swan Lake  will always be part of our repertoire and our dancers will always be prepared to perform it in all its traditional glory.” says Ms. Lisa. Definitely, this rendition of Ballet Manila is not to be missed. Well who wouldn’t love a good, old-fashioned love story of an enchanted swan queen and a lonely prince who meet at the lake side and fall in love?

Ballet Manila’s 19th performance season is presented by the Manila Broadcasting Company and sponsored by Aliw Theater and Star City, along with ACS Manufacturing Corporation (Pride and Shield Bath Soap), First United Travel, BPI Express Credit, Island Rose, Ralph’s Wines and Spirits, Krispy Kreme, Hen Lin, Papa John’s Pizza and Crunchybelly by Carlos Kitchen. For tickets and other inquiries, call Ballet Manila at 525-5967 or 400-0292, e-mail or visit; or call Ticketworld at 891-9999 or visit

Want a ticket or discount? Don’t worry! Join my giveaway and Win 2 tickets for the November 16, 3pm show or 30% discount from their tickets! Just follow the directions below:

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La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary celebrates its 34th Anniversary with AH!?

AH Poster Final

La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary celebrates its 34th Anniversary Concert with AH!?

The La Salle Dance Company-Contemporary and the DLSU Culture and Arts Office present

“AH!?: a collection of our new and well-loved dance pieces”
The LSDC-Contemporary’s 34th Anniversary Dance Concert

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014
(The house will open at 7:00PM)
Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium
De La Salle University

P250/ ticket

The expression “AH!?” is widely used as a substitute to a whole sentence depending on the tone, accentuation and intonation. “Ah” can be an enlightenment, it can express an understanding of an idea in a conversation, pain, sometimes fright or surprise, and it can sometimes express dismay, disappointment or even anger.

A perfect word to represent the vast array of emotions from different dance pieces that we will be performing for you.

For those who have watched our concerts before, here are the pieces that will be restaged or premiered at the concert.

Hollowed (Gospel music)
Nobody Said It Was Easy (music by Coldplay)
Lucent (music by Johann Johannson)
Habilin at Pangako (music by Gary Granada)
Cry and Sail On (music by Fra Lippo Lippi) (world premiere)
Gabriel (music by Lamb and Babyface)
Kung ‘di Man (music by Martin Nieverra and Gary V.)
A Legend of the Heart (music by John Legend)(world premiere)

Please contact Maxine Estrella at 0917-550-6005
or any LSDC-Contemporary Member and Alumni
for tickets and sponsorship.

Choreography, Direction by: Peter Alcedo, Jr.
Project Head: Anna Phillipneris
Restaging Mistresses: Winnie Grindulo, Daphne Chu, Katherine Barrios and Jacqueline Del Pilar
Dance Mistresses: Anna Phillipneris, Jacquelyn Del Pilar, Katherine Barrios
Dance Master: Andrew Ondo
Technical Director: Roman Cruz
Official Photography: Chris Fernandez
Stage Management: Green Media Group
Print Production Design: Peter Alcedo, Jr.
Additional Costumes: Joel Acebuche

Featuring our guest artists and alumni: Yucel Estrada, Winnie Grindulo, Daphne Chu, Precious Valenzuela, Katherine Barrios, Michaela Romulo, Larissa Nodalo, Brian Moreno, Jacquelyn Del Pilar, Andrew Ondo (PILENTO), Jourdan Bartolome (PILENTO) and Erick Dizon (DALOY Dance Company)

Major Sponsor:

Minor Sponsor:
Reyes Barbecue
MarketReach (Grower’s)
Trademaster Resources Corporation (Changhong/ Everest Aircon)
Monte Vista

That’s D Pointe Dance Shop
Sunrise Hardware
Wynnpool Industrial Gases Inc.
Mark and Sisters Tailoring
Ms. Anna Lee Runes
Mr. & Mrs. Hussin
Mr. & Mrs. Segui
Mr. Brian Xu
Mrs. Ces Poblete- Estrella

Media Sponsors:
Circuit Magazine
When in
Dance Manila
Playhouse Productions
Move Manila
105.1 Crossover
99.5 Play FM–Tagline: “The hits all day, 99.5 Play FM.”


Due to production, schedule and marketing considerations, we are moving “Ang Hiwaga ni Gamhan: isang dula-sayaw” to February 2015. So please expect a wonderful and meaningful show come next year.

La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary

Facebook: La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary

Twitter and Instagram: @LSDCContempo

27th Dancelebration Avenue

DC Poster_Final

The long wait is over!

The La Salle Dance Company-Contemporary brings you “DANCELEBRATION AVENUE!”

Now on its 27th year, it is and still the longest running, inter school dance competition in Metro Manila!

Witness as different high school and college dance groups interpret the theme “AVENUE” and battle it out to be the champions in this year’s Dancelebration.

DC AVENUE will be staged at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium on March 9, 2014. 6PM

What are you waiting for?
Dancelebrate with us!

Contact Details:
For ticket inquiries, please call Jacqueline at 0905-152-1048.
Orangebox Corp. PH
Pocari Sweat

Papa John’s Pizza

New Rise Hardware
Wynpool Industrisl Gases, Inc.
Archer’s Clothing Company

Marinela Pueyo
Canelle Food Corporatiob

John Xavier Dazo
Ma. Rita Pueyo

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Move Manila
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Kross Culture Manila: The Werd on the street

Last July 29, 2013 our church, Christ Commision Fellowship (CCF) and Our dance ministry Iron Saints was given an opportunity to host the Vision Casting led by Pastor Matthew “Mistery” Peet from Krosswerdz Australia along with his other teammates. This event aims to give hip hop artists a vision to use this type of culture as an avenue in sharing the Gospel. The event started with an introduction by our very own Gino Ong and Tikboy Rosquillo and  an opening number by Iron Saints.


“Gimme That Funk” 

Afterwhich, Sir Melvin Ang introduced our Speaker Pastor Matthew.

He started by briefly introducing himself what he does and how he was led by the Lord in this ministry (He used to be part of a gang then he got transfromed then he’s now using he’s talents to glorify God cool isn’t). Hip hop is a culture and it has four elements namely Graffiti, DJ-ing, Emcee and Break.  As he discuss these elements he did some freestyling  and even some of the people did some dancing, something different in sharing Jesus.

He proceed in sharing the issues that this culture is facing and they are as follows:

Lack of Identity, Lack of Community, Desensitisation, Sense of Exclusion and Stifling to Expression.

These five things are true and evident especially here in our country, where it has only been afew years back since the shaping of the Filipino indentity in Hip Hop and most especially Christian Hip Hop artist. We don’t even a have a solid community where people can be united in achieving one goal. Most of the time it’s just competition here and there where people try to outshine or be better than the others. Don’t get me wrong, we grow in competitions but can it be a competition where people encourage each other.

On the other hand, Hip Hop is not that accepted in some Christian churches today they are regarded as satanic or even sacreligious. Lay people has to understand that whatever expression it may be, the Gospel doesn’t change, this statement indeed stunned me. Because it’s true!


Just like what Mistery said, why not use Hip Hop as an avenue because it is a global influence. You see it on MTV and Hollywood wouldn’t have produced gazillions of dance themed movies for nothing. Because it definitely sells and those who aren’t believers yet can easily be reached out through this medium. The harvest is ripe my friends millions and millions of people need God in their lives and we should never be left behind in innovating ways to evangelize. Time is short, we’ll never know when Christ will be coming back again, but one thing is for sure we got to move and use what we’ve got to share His Werd.

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