The Gift and Joy of Singleness

The Gift and Joy of Singleness

I often hear single women asking themselves or others why they are still single. Some of which even ask themselves aren’t I pretty enough? Or intelligent? Or Godly? My answer to them – it’s not yet God’s time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been through that “struggle” stage in my life especially going through high [...]

Still Confessing as a Single Since Birth.

Two years ago I wrote a post entitled confessions of a no boyfriend since birth and yes after two years this lady is still a no boyfriend since birth well those two years have changed this lady and from getting debut invites now I have more wedding invitations to attend. I've grown older and yes [...]

Silence among wolves.

 Have you ever been in a situation where you just found yourself choosing to be silent, when most of the time you rather speak your mind but for this moment you chose otherwise?  Silence is something that most of us would rather avoid, while for some it’s a symbol of weakness or isolation relative to loneliness.But [...]