Perks of Being Awkward

This post was originally written last September 2013 from my previous blog at Tumblr. I will be writing a its part two on the next days. 🙂 


Dancing has been a big part of my life, as far as I can remember I’ve always been a dancer. Since then I’ve always been part of our school’s dance troupe and my identity would be “the dancer”. I want to go to New York to study dance, in a studio filled with mirrors and bars.I’ve always dreamed of being a dance teacher and eventually have my own arts school.

I never had formal training aside from what I got from school, I ventured through cheerleading and jazz throughout High School. Being petite, I’ve always been a flyer.


Practicing our tosses. (I even had braces  circa 2007

After sometime I entered the world of streetdance,through our church’s dance ministry then-called WD4J or we Dance For Jesus there starting out is very hard coz I can’t find my groove being a so linear. I feel ugly, and the perfect word is AWKWARD.

At that point, I hated my so-called “background” why I have to be so linear and I find it hard to be “maangas” the cheerleader in me keeps coming out. I would really try to do my best every training to be a better or at least not look awkward and start feeling comfortable with my body. There are times that I would really get discouraged and wanted to stop dancing because people would say that I look awkward or I simply don’t make the cut. But thanks God! Being in the dance ministry is a different story, I was reminded with why I dance at the first place and who I dance for.


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