Why KDrama ‘Start – Up’ Should be In Every Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Watch List On Netflix

Start-Up Korean drama poster

I know everyone has been clamoring whether you are a #TeamHanJiPYeong or #TeamNamDoSan but Start Up is more than that its spotlight on the youth and achieving one’s dream has been a common theme in the KDrama scene with the likes of Itaewon Class & Record of Youth. Now we have another series that is gaining so much popularity and as of this writing is set to air its 13th episode tonight. Feeling the sepanx aleady? I do. I can’t believe we are set to its last four episodes. What sets this series and apart?

And why do I think that it should be in every aspiring entrepreneur’s watch list on Netflix?

Set in Sandbox, South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley Start-Up tells the story of people in the world of startup companies. Seo Dal Mi dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs , Nam Do San once a math genius is the founder of Samsan Tech but has been going nowhere with his company’s investments, Han Ji Pyeong is an orphan who worked his way up to his current position as the leader of SH Venture Capital, and Won In Jae strives to create success on her own without her rich father’s help. It focuses on the lives of these four characters while touching on topics such as romance, family ties, career and more.

This series will literally make you cry at the VERY first episode, no spoilers here (promise I will try not to) but to any aspiring entrepreneur pretty sure you will see yourself in shoes of any of our characters or even a mix of any of them. I personally want to applaud the writers for being able to represent at least a majority of the entrepreneurs both seasoned & aspiring through each of them. Sharing here some of the points I find the series that is very much relatable to each aspiring entrepreneur:

  1. Education & Achievement Isn’t Everything

Each of the characters have different educational and family backgrounds yet they found themselves in Sandbox trying to make sense out of their dreams and aspirations. Nam Do San may be a genius but still struggles to carve his identity in the AI or tech world same as his friends. while Seo Dal Mi may not finished college is packed with life skills that enabled her to be a fit for a CEO. On the other hand, Won In Jae might deem herself as a young achiever but still needs to prove that she can be successful by her own means apart from being a chaebol’s step daughter while Han Ji Pyeong may be an orphan he managed to rise above it all and become a successful venture capitalist. At the end of the day, its us who make good us of whatever resources we have or even the lack of it.

2. Your Circumstances Does Not Define You Future

Though there may be characters in the story that you may consider as someone who can get ahead in life such as Nam Do San and Won In Jae, who received good education and support from their families yet still find themselves looking for something different in attaining their own successes in life and through the story we see how their characters grew while showing their weakness or points of growth. While Seo Dal Mi and Han JI Pyeong may lack what the latter has they both managed to rise above their circumstances and become resilient Dal Mi is determined to achieve her dreams no mater what and as the story progresses she indeed showed that she is fit to be our lovely depyeonim (CEO) while Han Ji Pyeong, is someone you might consider as the underdog among all of them given that he is an orphan it showed that he is indeed wise and resilient even at a young age he is even the one who encouraged halmeoni to have a bank account an even grew that money. Honestly, he is my favorite character because he doesn’t made all these to become an excuse for him to thrive in live thus his present success in life maybe his experience also helped him to become a better venture capitalist and mentor.

3. More than the how its all about the WHY

At Sandbox, they are chosen as residents for an incubation period they are provided with the resources they will need o be able to refine and to earn substantial funding for their business. There as was one time when Director Yoon was talking to Han Ji Pyeong about In Jae being the possible girl on the swing on the logo of Sandbox and stressing that more than the money they should know their WHY. Businesses are created to earn but yes more than that for it to thrive is a BIG WHY – what is your brand purpose? how can your company help in making life easier? what will be its contribution in nation building?

An organization or a business grows when it also knows its stakeholders and takes care of them it add value to its sustainability and growth.

4. It Isn’t About Hierarchy But Roles Are Important

Wondering why the role of CEO Is such a big deal? Because being a CEO entails so much responsibility and maturity borrowing the words of Han Ji Pyeong, it will boil down to CHOICES whatever choices you make you will be critized so in making decisions you need to be firm. Decision making skills is one of the VERY Important skill or this role. Going back to roles, that is why Nam Do San may not be the best person for tis role BUT he makes a really good CTO because he is equipped with the technical skills or AI while Han Ji Pyeong may be sound hash but he is ought to do that as a mentor he needs to be a “bad person” to see possible loopholes and spare them for disaster remember when they forgot to consult him? If organizations doesn’t have specific roles it will be chaotic just like our human body imagine if our hands can eat too or eyes can bite hahaha

Looking forward to how this KDrama will end with our without the lovestory line. Hoping that all of them will each their dreams I mean why settle to the boys team when we an be #TeamDalmi right?

Much Love,

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