Why I am Hoping That Han Ji Pyeong Should end Up with Seo Dal Mi in the Kdrama Start Up

Our ‘good boy’ Han Ji Pyeong. Courtesy of TVN


To start with I wanted to commend the writers for how well the character development of the two male leads are created for all of us to have a major second lead syndrome and bring to live this rivalry between Team Han Jo Pyeong and Team Nam Do San. Before anything else, I want to establish that these are my own opinion and as I am writing this I am literally pouring my heart out I really cannot get over and we are just in halfway through the season.

  1. I believe that Dal Mi & Ji Pyeong are more compatile in many levels

I am Team Han Ji Pyeong ALL the way because despite the fact that Dal Mi thinks they just met on an emotional, ideological and philosophical level tey connect to each other. It felt like an extension of each other’s brain function and not to mention can you fell the sparks flying whenever they talk and the way they look at each other. There are so much delight! But being on Team Ji Pyeong doesn’t mean that I do not like Do-san. I think Do-san is very gifted and the role of being SamSan Tech’s Chief Technology Officer fits the bill as well as the fact that he is starting to mature and become more confident about himself and his abilities.

2. Do San is yet to know who he really is
Sadly, even when Do san is evolving and realize his self-worth, he won’t ever be “the one” for Dal-mi if he wants to stay true to himself. Remember he mocked and showed disgust at the blood type personality theory. When Dal-mi guessed that Ji-pyeong was Type A, Ji-pyeong and his friends cringed and braced themselves for Do-san’s indignant lecture on the ridiculousness about this, but what did Do-san do? He lied and insisted that he does in fact believe in the theory. He is good at lying because he is not sure of himself yet. Somehow, it makes me think that he is the revenge guy…though that is just my theory.

3. Dal Mi & Do San does not connect in an intimate & emotional level
Do-san’s inability to relate to Dal-mi’s letters is another indicator of their incompatibility. Remember, the first few episodes when Ji Pyeong showed him the letters he cringed the ONLY reason he said yes is because of the funding BUT he started “liking” Dal Mi why is it really because of the connection or maybe because she is just available. Even when they kissed, I can’t feel love I can only see lust.

But if you really love someone, will you constantly lie to be with the one you love?

How long can a relationship last if you can’t be your true self in front of your true love?

4. Ji Pyeong has always been there all along
Way back 15 years ago, Ji-pyeong, has been written and portrayed as Dal-mi’s soulmate. He empathizes with her on so many levels, as demonstrated by the thoughts and feelings they shared in their letters and even some of their present-day interactions. Many will say that Ji Pyeong is Dal Mi’s Sandbox and Do San is the swing that lifts he up but for me there are many instances that (even unknowingly) Ji Pyeong will be walking behind Dal Mi especially during the moments when she was down.

Grandma may have been the reason why ji Pyeong is writing the letters but the show has shown us that he eventually wrote them entirely on his own. The name may not be his but the emotions, care and love is evident that each words are alive that despite the fact they neve saw each other these words are alive that even when Dal Mi was asked which Do San she will choose, she will still choose the one who wrote her letters. He can even notice the smallest details about Dal Mi & defends her, remember when the other AI guys are mocking Dal Mi he defended her and even said that if they fail he will invest instead. And how about the 461 questions he answered and typed in an email? Even when its work as a mentor, I can see it as a labor of love.

He is always the one, who is willing to sacrifice and go out of his comfort zone just to make sure that Dal Mi is okay even when he doesn’t get the credit he is loving Dal Mi. I just hope he will be courageous enough to recognize what he truly feel and may the truth set all of them free and let Dal Mi decide who is the man for her. Please do not lose your first love without even fighting for it.

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15 responses to “Why I am Hoping That Han Ji Pyeong Should end Up with Seo Dal Mi in the Kdrama Start Up”


    1. Hahaha all caps paa intense 🙂

  2. Han Ji Pyeong for the winnnnnn😍❣️

    1. True! Huhuhu I just hope he gets a good ending also.

  3. Han ji pyeong for the winnnn😍❣️

  4. I think the show is somewhat unfair to Ji-pyeong. They only gave opportunities for nam so and always blocks him from showing his love to dal mi 😦

    1. AGREE!!!!! I really like the character of Han Ji Pyeong among everyone he has the least opportunity but managed to bounce back.

  5. I kinda notice that they are blocking Jipyeong just for nam do san to show his love to Dal-mi……..IM REALLY HOPING THAT DALMI AND JIPYEONG WILL END UP TOGETHER

    1. Sadly but I still hope though that there is still a chance.

  6. finally someone who agree’s with me

    1. welcome! glad to be #TeamanJiPyeong Can’t believe it will end in a few days.

  7. I only wish for Ji Pyeong’s happiness . . . maybe in the end he will meet someone (how about cameo of a popular actress) or just like what happened in the ending of Feast of the Gods. Joo Sang Wook and Song Yu ri are the main lead but in the end it’s Lee Sang Woo and Song Yuri because LSW and SYR are the favorite of the viewing public with 75% approval rating.

    1. Same here!! I really hope a good ending for our good boy 🙂

      1. I can’t believe our boy does not get the girl he loves I am literally crying right now, why did the show have to do that to us!!!!!!!!

      2. I KNOW RIGHT! But I kinda felt maybe if this is real life him and Dal Mi may not be a good fit un the end 😦

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