5 Things I Love and Learned from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Calling all my KDrama Lovers!
It’s been months since It’s Okay Not To Be Okay has ended but this KDrama series is without a doubt has become a personal favorite of mine not just because of the great storyline, amazing set, fashionable wardrobe and of course the superb chemistry of Kim Soo Hyun & Seo Ye Ji but with the life lessons this Korean Drama Series has taught us!

It’s okay to not be okay

The reality is that we will not ALWAYS BE okay each day is a battle set to be CONQUERED. We battle with our inner struggles, may it be trauma, a genetic problem but mental health issues should not be a taboo. A few months ago, I watched this #kdrama – It’s Okay To Not Be Okay aside from it being a great drama with its cinematography, storyline, fashion & production design and of course the great chemistry between #kimsoohyun and #seoyeaji what I like about it is it zoomed in into the lives of people who battles living with mental issues or disorders.

In the end, these people should not be treated as victims rather be treated as victors and for that to happen we have to give them their much needed love and understanding. And if you are one struggling with this, let me encourage you that RECOVERY IS FOR ALL and I hope & pray that you chose healing to be victorious over and above your struggle.





But it all starts with a choice

SHARE to me your battle and let’s start a conversation!

Much Love,

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