Be a warrior not a worrier


Have you even been in a situation where you felt like you were drowning in problems or discouragements?

When life doesn’t seem to fall the way you thought it would become or maybe you simply feel like you don’t make the cut to things you ought to accomplish. It felt like we are in a war to fight to life. Many times, I also felt that way and many times this would lead me to panic or lose sight of what I am set to do but the good news is I don’t have to let myself to be succumbed in that dilemma because there is God.

This reminds me of Gideon from the book of Judges, Israel was already living in peace for 40 years but then again they disobeyed God and because of that the nation of Midian controlled Israel. The Midianites were cruel and took everything from them. But God is sovereign and spoke to Gideon, chose him and his clan to defeat the Midianites. What was Gideon’s initial reaction?


Sounds familiar isn’t it, frequently one of the reasons we worry is because we doubt God and ourselves. There is an ongoing war wherever we go and most of the time the war starts within us.The Lord already told Gideon through an angel that the Lord is helping him and HE IS A STRONG WARRIOR (Judges 6: 12) but Gideon doubted God because his eyes are focused on the awful things that were happening in Israel. Then again, God assured him that he will have the victory because God will give him the power and he will be strong because the Lord will empower him (Judges 6: 14). Despite hearing those encouraging words, Gideon replied again with doubt knowing that he belongs to the weakest clan and everyone in his family is more important than he is. Once more, God reassured him that he can rescue Israel because God will help him (Judges 6: 16).

Gideon cannot believe that he is really talking to God and asked God to prove that He is really God that he is talking to. So he brought an offering to the Lord and realized that he saw an angel. Again, Gideon panicked and even thought that he would die. But God intervene and asked him to calm down. Then Gideon made an altar for worship and called it “The Lord calms our fears”.

                There are a lot of moments in my life and leadership that I felt like Gideon. Doubts, fears, discouragements and the list of so-called excuses goes on and on but remember the reason we can be strong and victorious is because God is the one who will empower us. Not because of our own abilities or strengths, God doesn’t call the qualified He qualifies the called. At the end of the day it wasn’t about us but for His glory and His kingdom. How many times does God need to prove Him to you so will do what He wanted to do?

Stop worrying look up to God and unleash the warrior within you.

Much Love,

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2 responses to “Be a warrior not a worrier”

  1. This is my calling verse when God called me in full time ministry in Elevate! ❤️

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