Perks of Being Awkward

This post was originally written last September 2013 from my previous blog at Tumblr. I will be writing a its part two on the next days. 🙂 


Dancing has been a big part of my life, as far as I can remember I’ve always been a dancer. Since then I’ve always been part of our school’s dance troupe and my identity would be “the dancer”. I want to go to New York to study dance, in a studio filled with mirrors and bars.I’ve always dreamed of being a dance teacher and eventually have my own arts school.

I never had formal training aside from what I got from school, I ventured through cheerleading and jazz throughout High School. Being petite, I’ve always been a flyer.


Practicing our tosses. (I even had braces  circa 2007

After sometime I entered the world of streetdance,through our church’s dance ministry then-called WD4J or we Dance For Jesus there starting out is very hard coz I can’t find my groove being a so linear. I feel ugly, and the perfect word is AWKWARD.

At that point, I hated my so-called “background” why I have to be so linear and I find it hard to be “maangas” the cheerleader in me keeps coming out. I would really try to do my best every training to be a better or at least not look awkward and start feeling comfortable with my body. There are times that I would really get discouraged and wanted to stop dancing because people would say that I look awkward or I simply don’t make the cut. But thanks God! Being in the dance ministry is a different story, I was reminded with why I dance at the first place and who I dance for.


It’s more than just a technique, it is the passion in you translated into movement that makes it matter. Until now it has been a constant struggle, the feeling of being awkward but then I simply keep in mind that whenever I dance, I dance for God, I do not seek for the applause of men but every movement that I do is my form of worship. And it is not simply my passion for dance but my passion to worship God through movement is the real fuel why I continued to give my best.

So as little miss awkward grows up, she learned to embrace her strengths and her weaknesses. Having a “background” in cheerleading and jazz, I became quite flexible which is actually helpful when I dance. Knowing who you are will help you what you will become.


                      The different faces of mine as a dancer.

As I continue growing in the dance ministry, and eventually entered college initially I trained with our pep squad (that lasted only for two weeks) but then I injured my left arm so my parent’s asked me to stop. Then, came third term where I joined the La Salle Dance Company – Street where I got in as a trainee, and still with the dance ministry. But I was able to stay for only a term.

The Documentation Committee! (Kris, Cristin, Me,Fats, and Ate Tin)

Afterwhich, I enrolled in a summer dance workshop where our coach in LSDC – Street would also be my coach. Who would have thought that little miss awkward can do dancehall, I eventually discovered that it is one of the dances that I would like and is fitted for my body.

The Dancehallers! 🙂 

As another school year hits, little miss awkward will be off to another adventure. She will be blessed to form a young group of dancer composed Psychology majors and eventually compete in Remix and Trancendance (Psychological Association of the Philippines’ first ever Streetdance Competition)


Psychedellic at Remix (November 2011)

Years passed, as the dance ministry grew I also grew with them and I am blessed to be part of it from WD4J (We Dance For Jesus) to Iron Saints. Where we had concerts, outreaches and various performances inside and outside our church. Where I get to serve as an officer, catering to the ministry’s Admin needs specifically for Productions and Logistics.

David (2012)

 Zion (2013) Where I was able to dance my life testimony.

As the years passes by I continued taking dance classes in different studios and just this year I finally decide to go back to my roots and first love – Contemporary and Jazz. So I auditioned for La Salle Dance Company – Contemporay, De La Salle University’s Premier Contemporary dance company and by God’s grace I got in. 🙂 And I am blessed to be part of this family..and were having our dance concert real soon (plugging) And it’s going to be on my birthday October 3 & 5.

Our LSDC – C family!

Master Class with Sir Danny Marshall of Powerdance.

To be a serious dancer is not as easy as one, two, three – it takes passion and perseverance to master this craft. For me dancing should never be bounded by a certain style or technique, yes our bodies are naturally wired or inclined to the technique where we grew up with but if it is your desire it will be. In Filipino term, “Daig ng masipag and magaling” (A person who perseveres is better than someone who is already good. #TiyagaTiyagaDinPagMayTime

As a dancer I had my fair share of failures, rejections and awkwardness. But I am not giving up on this craft. Dancing is breathing  and this is what I do to give glory to God. What I learn is that, you have to learn to nourish your strengths and embrace your weaknesses so you know the areas where you needed to grow. Three words…learn, unlearn and relearn.

With God nothing is impossible -Luke 1:37

Much Love,



*If you have been touched or inspired by this post feel free to comment. Also, if you have any questions about God and Christianity or you are in need of prayers you can reach me through my email or social media accounts placed above.

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