#WalangForever we hear it almost everyday and it has been a trending expression due to the number of teleseryes most especially Forevermore and even the recent news of Paris love locks being taken down. Does happily every after or forever non-existent especially in this day and age? Are we really living in the age where people no longer believe in the power of everlasting love? My say...#MayForever with the right person and the right time.

Used to be a symbol of love, Paris ends its love affair with its love locks. Photo from ccn.com

Call me a puppy-eyed hopelessly romantic lady or even question my ability to have a say on this since I never had a boyfriend . But I truly believe that forever does exists, first you got to be someone worthy of forever meaning you got to be ready for forever(in my term God’s Best). Why? Because forever isn’t just what we see on fairytales it has a cost – COMMITMENT. For a relationship to stay forever or last, it means both of you must endure through joy and sadness.

In any relationship, you must know yourself first-YOUR IDENTITY. Because if you think that being in a relationship with another person will make you complete hmmm..I guess your in the wrong path my dear. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have so, if you are not happy or contented being single it means you are not yet ready to be in the relationship. You will keep on looking for that missing piece in you to be filled and if it will not be filled you’ll end up getting hurt or hurting the other person.

Lastly and the most important, God should be in the center of the relationship. If God is the source of your love for each other it will never run out. Because He himself is love, and He loved us first by demonstrating it on the cross.  We can never go wrong with God’s love.

His love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34
His love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34

Forever also requires waiting, and in that period of waiting God allows the circumstances to mold our character in the person taht we are meant to be. Just a bit of practical example, remember Xander and Agnes of Forevermore? At first we thought its going to be forever, they are so in love with each other as if nothing can tear them apart but trials came and we though #WalangForever but love endured in the end. We can also pick up some lessons from their story, one is that forever is worth the wait. It took many years for them to be reconciled and see that #MayForever. Agnes never get into any relationship despite how many times she turned Xander down on the other hand Xander got a rebound leading for the girl to get hurt in the end.


Forevermore Finale. Photo courtesy of www.summitexpress.com
Forevermore Finale. Photo courtesy of http://www.summitexpress.com

Forever means putting the best interest of the other person, remember the last part where Xander proposes to Agnes, she is about to got o Japan but Xander didn’t hinder her from pursuing her dreams. He supported her, that’s what we call forever a great team.

My take #MayForever sa tamang tao at tamang oras. So don’t fret forever is on its way, we just don’t know when or how.



Much Love,

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