A Tribute to Lolo

This morning my lola just passed away, to be honest I am sad but saddest will all go away. But the good memories will remain. Let me repost what I wrote for lolo during his 10th death anniversary at least now they will be reunited.

Today marks lolo’s 10th death anniversary, I can’t believe it’s been that long since he left. Being the first “apo” (grandchild) me and lolo are very close, we are like partners in crime. Since mommy got married young,I became their “bunso” (youngest child) and living in downtown Manila, we would always eat out and our favorite place is Binondo! Where my gastronomic cravings are met, I would fondly remember eating giant siomai and yummy wonton noodles my forever favorites.


Me and lolo:) I’m about three I think

I have to admit I’m a bit spoiled with my lolo he bought me all the toys and food he would see. I remember myself being picky when it comes to food when I was young, when I don’t like the food lolo would bring me out to chose whatever I wanted to eat. So many good memories with lolo despite the fact that I’ve been with him for only a short span of my life. Now that I’ve grown up I realized there were so many life’s lessons that lolo left to me.


Me and lolo at my aunt’s house. We love tending the garden there, when lolo died some of his plants there also lost their life.

I didn’t grew up in rich family, just a normal and sufficient one. Lolo’s most endearing trait is that he always has a warm smile to everyone. That maybe one trait that I got from him, he talks to almost anyone in the community. He’s very humble and our neighbors loves him so much. During his funeral there were even some people who paid their last respects to him, people we never met before. He’s willing to share no matter how little it may be. Especially during Sunday’s he would cook large kawa(casserole) or food to be shared for almost everyone it our street. He taught me how to say thank you and appreciate others. Lolo is one of the people who extrudes so much gratitude and not hard to please, he appreciates even a little effort from his children and grandchildren.


Taken during my 9th birthday, little did I know it will be my last birthday with him. His warm smile is very evident here.

He loves and values his family, having three children with mom being the youngest and closest to him he never had favoritism among them. He showered each of them with love and affection. Even during the time that their children are all living separately, him and lola would go to our house each morning to bring fresh pandesal and check if my yaya is taking good care of me then later in the afternoon they’ll visit tito or tita who lives in Cavite. Mom even told me when she was in High School and she got a low grade lolo didn’t got mad at her instead he cheered her up and said she can do better the next time. He never gets mad, lolo is I believe the only person I know who never got mad at anyone he is such a gentle and quiet person, I believe when God showered us with patience he catch a bucketful of it.


Their family picture 🙂 (L-R)Lola, Mommy Gem , Tita Mai, Tito Mogs and Lolo Chet.

He is a good provider, he works hard to provide well for his family. Even during the time that there was great depression in the US he did everything to make sure that his family eats well. He loves and follow God, when I was young him and lola taught me how to pray and thank God for everything that he gave us even before they became Christians they were devout Catholics. He brings us to church every Sunday and pray every day as a family also before sleeping. Both of my grandparents modeled me a prayerful life. I would often see them praying early in the morning and when there are problems in the family lolo would pray, he will not fret nor worry he will be in a quiet place praying peacefully.


Lolo and his girls (L-R)Lolo, Mommy gem, Tita Mai and Lola Pipay

He loved lola unconditionally till the end of his life, Lolo showed us what one great love means that reflects in their lovestory. They got married at their thirties already and lola is seven years older than him. They faced so many oppositions when it comes to their relationship but lolo faced them all and defended lola through it all. He even stood up as the father to lolo’s two children from her past marriage which is an arranged marriage. Their love for each other is eternal and overflows to each of us. Especially during the time that its just the two of them, they would go out eat and just walk along roxas boulevard. Lolo is so handsome but he never looked at another girl aside from lola. so amazing!<3


lolo and lola ❤

I can only reminisce good facets of lolo, what a great man he is. As I am writing this I still feel a bit teary eyed coz I really miss him. I sometimes wonder how we are if he was still alive. We could have scouted for new restaurants an eat our heart out he will be my ultimate buddy. I would share who my crush is and be in every event I am performing in. He is one of my greatest fans an encourager. I love you lolo! I know your having blast their in heave thank you for all the lessons you left us, I will never get tired telling them about you even to my grandchildren. Whenever I eat siomai I remember you. Till I see you again! :))


Your apo Nikay :))

Much Love,

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