Dance Vocabulary: Sissonne


(C) Wesley Galvez


This jump, from both feet onto one foot, looks like the action of crossing blades in a pair of scissors. The jump starts from fifth position and lands on the leg which the dancer jumped from, leaving the other leg extended in dégagé (pointed toe extended off the floor at 45 degrees, a la seconde or en arrière).

How to do a Sissonne Jump:

1. Start with feet together then proceed with your assemble (brush one leg into the air while pushing off the supporting leg. Touch your feet or legs together in the air, then land with your feet (usually) in fifth position, demi-plie.).

*Bringing your legs to a demi-plie helps you jump higher in the air

2.  Jump high leaving your back leg higher than your front leg.

3. Land with one foot, hen you either leave the foot up in the air (overt meaning open), or you close it (ferme, meaning closed).

The important thing to remember about sissone is it’s a jump, not a leap. Most students who has had problems with sissone, their problem was that they were leaping (going from one foot to the other) instead of jumping.

Sissonne jumps have variations such as the video below which is a stag sissonne.

Want to learn a dance move? May it be in Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop or Folk I will do my best to help you out by making it next week’s featured dance vocabulary. Simply write it on the comment box below.

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