Dance with Daloy this Summer!

(7) Summer Workshop Schedule
Have you found yourself admiring the choreographies at SYTYCD especially those of Mia Michaels? Or being the Sugar Plum fairy at The Nutcracker?
This Summer Daloy Dance Company opens its doors a whole new experience in the contemporary dance scene.
(8) Summer Workshop Package

They offer the following classes:
1. Jazz
2. Contemporary Dance
3. Creative Movement
4. Contact Improvisation
5. Improvisation Jam
6. Ballet(Beginners)
(5) Ballet
(2) Contemporary Dance
(1) Jazz
(3) Creative Movement
(4) Contact Improvisation

Daloy Dance Company is composed of a rare mix of artists with diverse backgrounds in theatre, music, ballet, jazz, folk dance, street dance, contemporary and modern, who value dance as a powerful medium that reflects a deeper human language.

Founded and spearheaded by its Artistic Director, Ea Torrado, the company aims to create a community of dance artists and collaborators in order to give rise to new perspectives and possibilities in contemporary dance. In bringing the arts to new heights, Daloy seeks balance between going with the flow and keeping centred.  Staying in the present while continuously striving to grow into the future, drives Daloy in presenting works with passion, power and fluidity. These  reflect the company’s open-minded attitude towards experimentation as it aims to create works of art that deepen human connections, impact people from multiple cultures, and foster unity, empathy and compassion among different communities; all while keeping a standard of excellence in performing and choreography.

Maki-Daloy na this summer!

Watch Daloy Dance Company on Youtube 
Facebook: Daloy Dance Company 
Instagram: daloydanceco
Twitter:  @DaloyDC
Contact Number: 0905-3022437

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