On oxygen and uncertainties

“I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.”

― Tim Tebow

Kinda felt like Anna while lying down in the clinic with oxygen tank.
Kinda felt like Anna while lying down in the clinic with oxygen tank.

So, today I just experience one of the shock of my life. While eating lunch, I experienced an intense chest pain that radiates up till my left arm and suddenly I had difficulty breathing. I went to our school clinic and the doctor advised me to have oxygen since I really can’t breath properly. The doctor, calmly told me that I need to be fetched my my parents and undergo ECG to make sure that it is not a cardiac related problem and I have to stop doing physical activities for sometime. As soon as I heard those words, I cried…I know that if I will have a disease related to the heart I would have to let go of dancing which is my passion. As I was waiting in the room, I saw the cross and I prayed and asked God, ” Lord, why are you allowing this to happen in my life? I am very active, I don’t easily get tired during trainings and I eat healthy food.” As I reflect, it made me realize that this life that I have is not my own and if God has to take this away or would allow me to experience hardships so be it. I honestly, felt so afraid at first but as I finished praying God gave me extraordinary peace. This may sound weird, but if God would take me home I wouldn’t have any hesitations for I know I already fulfilled His purpose and if God will allow me to get sick so be it, if in that way His will mostly be magnified. Tomorrow, I am set to undergo ECG and maybe 2D echo, this way I’ll know what my condition really is but whatever it may be I already have peace and this only strengthen my faith in God.il_fullxfull.279878624

Our heart is very important, a person can be brain-dead but can still live but if your heart stopped beating, you’ll lose your life. We must always guard our hearts for it is where life flows. How bout you, how’s your heart right now? Has it stopped loving others because you just get so tired and sick of their ungratefulness? Don’t be! Remember 2000 years ago someone died and redeemed you even before you came and that is Jesus. He died, suffered and rose again because He loves you and you are important to Him. Love as if its your last breath, as for me I am no longer afraid of what my future holds because I know that Jesus is the one who holds it.

Much Love,

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2 responses to “On oxygen and uncertainties”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’m praying that you would continue to know God’s peace.

  2. I sign up so, i can read your post and to follow you. I wish I can get to know you and befriend with you. =)

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