The cost of love

Love may be one of the overused word today. Movies, songs, TV series, books whatever you may think of they all have a touch or theme about love. This word may only comprise of four letters but it is very powerful it compels. It can make or break a person.

I don’t know but for me love has its cost, it doesn’t come cheap as the world depicts it. This doesn’t come with flowers, chocolates or even teddy bears. Love, or rather true love hast its cost, it requires sacrifice. One can never truly say that you have loved if you are not willing to sacrifice for that person. Love is something that should make a person, build not destruct and love even means letting go.

Loving means putting that person above your own comfort and even your own happiness. Yes, it may sound harsh but that’s what true love means. An if you hold on too tightly to that person, you may just end up hurting that person and even yourself. You’ll never know, that person may just come back in God’s perfect timing.

Love in this world is so complicated but there is someone who showed us true love even before we are born. Jesus, chose you die for you and give you a free gift of eternal life. 

Choose Jesus!Where perfect love can be found. 

Much Love,

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