Blog rollin’ in the deep.

Being a blogger, I spend most of my time in front of my laptop where I edit photos, write, proof-read and most of all read other blogs. Honestly, there are ALOT of stuff that you can read in the world wide web but these blogs are the ones that really caught my attention. They are also the blogs, who inspired me and that’s the reason why I am sharing this to all my lovely readers.

*All photos are screenshots of each blogs headers and are not owned by me. These blogs are written in no particular order.

Wonders & Wanders

Wanders & Wonders

A lifestyle blog by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, where she documents their travels, food adventures, beauty must haves and most of all about faith. You will surely enjoy navigating through her blog and be inspired with nuggets of Godly wisdom that she shares among her readers.

Teach With Joy

Teach with Joy

A blog a about marriage, parenting and homeschooling by Joy Tan Chi – Mendoza. Oh wait you may ask, why do I read such I’m not a mom or something. For me, this blog has so much wisdom in it, you may not be married but the things that she writes here will surely be something all the single ladies will take into heart. There are relevant topics such as love, relationships and waiting. Just like what to look for in a man and what men looks for stuff like that, a highly recommended blog for your daily dose of Godly advise.
Thirty One girl

31 Girl

A blog patterned after Proverbs 31 founded by Tiara Aracama. 31 Girl is a Christian campaign which aims to share God’s love to those who currently have a relationship with Him, and most importantly to those who have not yet come to know Jesus Christ personally. We pray that this campaign encourages girls, and helps them find comfort and assurance that they’re not alone.31 Girl focuses on magnifying God’s work in the lives of the girls featured in the campaign. *Description from their site.

God and You

God and You

A brain child of 25 year old SEO Specialist by profession named Sean Si. He started blogging since August 2009, being a motivational speaker as well this blog contains inspirational posts and encouragements. This a a must read especially for men.

Encouraging treats

Encouraging Treats

A food blog by Nicole Obligacion, being a certified foodie and inborn sweet tooth I got hooked by her recipes and how she injects encouraging messages with it. The recipes are well written and easy to follow, you will surely drool over the pictures of each. Truly an encouragement one treat at a time!

Plump pinay

The Plump Pinay

A body appreciation blog by twins Danah and Stacy Gutierrez. Their blog will tackles the TRUE BEAUTY of the Filipina women, as we mainly discuss body acceptance. They want you to finally relate to the images that hey will be posting. They want you to feel good about yourself. In the end celebrate what you are already blessed with!

Bride and breakfast

Bride and Breakfast

Bride and Breakfast is a wedding resource committed to style, taste and beauty by janna Simpao. They feature only the most stylish, gorgeous and magazine-worthy weddings in the Metro, tapping the crème-de-la-crème of wedding suppliers (both seasoned and upcoming), and showcasing inspiring ideas that can help make your wedding fashionably chic and character-filled. Oh well, another why Mariane? I have these fascination with weddings okay 🙂 Who doesn’t love weddings? Aside from that, the contents here aren’t just wedding, it also contains stories that will be inspiration and encouragement to all.

Ana Victorino

Ana Victorino

A make up blog by make up artist Ana Victorino, I really love her blog and her tutorials. Where she gives an easy step by step guide on how you can achieve certain looks such as Barbie, Meagan Young and JLO. For all the ladies who wanted to learn about make up or you just want to experiment on it this blog will surely a hit for you.

These blogs are worth following guys, i hope you’ll get to read them and tell me how did you find it till next time!

Much Love,

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  1. Hi love! I just saw this right now. Thank you so much for including 31 Girl in your blog. If you are interested to be a 31 Girl, do email us at thirty_one_girl[at] 🙂

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