Inglot Cosmetics is finally here in the Philippines.


I first encountered Inglot, through a friend of mine who is based in Dubai, when she lend me her costumizable palette from then on I got fascinated by this brand sadly its nowhere to be found here in the Philippines. But after many years, it is good to know that Inglot has finally arrived in our islands with its flagship store at Glorietta 5 (right beside Starbucks). Inglot 30

Inglot has been around for 30 years and they have over 400 stores across the globe. The Philippines is the second country in Southeast Asia to have an Inglot distribution outlet next to Malaysia


Inglot cosmetics is the brainchild of chemist Wojciech Inglot during the height of communist rule in Poland. His vision is to produce highest possible quality of raw materials that are healthy, free from harmful chemicals (such are parabens) that are usually used by cheaper products. Quality is of highest regard to their company but when it comes to pricing, Inglot products are priced 20 to 30 percent lower than make up brands that are at their par. Well, after seeing the prices at my surprise they really are little cheaper than other makeup brands.


The ladies behind The Laverne Luxury Group headed by, Michelle Lim – Gankee, Hazel Lim – Lee Hok, Pauline Lim and their friend Stephanie Borbe (not in photo).

The three siblings are not new when it comes to family owned business their family is the name behind Sterling Paper and Dona Maria Rice Mills. Definitely, having the background of leading these family businesses gave the Lim’s an edge in getting the franchise of Inglot Philippines.

Inglot 35

Host and PR Consultant – Martha Sta. Barbara with Inglot Philippine’s Chief Make – Up Artist – Mickey See.

Inglot 3

Fellow beauty bloggers listening attentively.

Inglot 5

Inglot is best known for the “Freedom Palette” which is conceptualized by Mr. Inglot himself. Where you can choose your case from as small as a duo to a 40 piece palette! They have about 450 lip products, 500 eye products, 350 face products and 300 nail products. If you were to mix and match all these, there are about 3,000,000,000,000,000 combinations. There are infinite possibilities in making your own palette. In short, name it they have it.

Just like what Hazel Lim – Lee Hok have said, “Inglot will surely be a hit in the Philippines since it represents one thing that Filipinos treasure and that is freedom. Why not get a democratic make up brand for a democratic country.”

 WARNING: The following photos will make you drool over their make – up and might want to rush to their store right now.

Inglot 6

Inglot’s freedom bar.

Inglot 2

Your’s truly, checking out these babies for my own palette.

Inglot 19

To get started with your freedom palette adventure, you need to decide what kind of palette you will use which ranges from duo up to 10 piece. They cost at around 375 to 1,900. Then get these order form (above) to place the stuff that you wanted to be placed on your own palette.

Inglot 9

Let’s start the freedom bar adventure!
Inglot 36

Cream concealers at 375 php each.Inglot 23

Lip colors that have almost all the colors that you want at 375 php too!Inglot 20

Rainbow Palette eyeshadows at 475 php.Inglot 17

Different kind of blushes from matte to shimmery at 495 php each.


Single color eyeshadows at 375 php each.Inglot 10Brow wax and powders that you easily mix and match at 375 php as well.

Inglot 15

See how pigmented these babies are, worth it isn’t it?Inglot 16

Beauty bloggers and Make – up enthusiast getting their hand on the freesdom bar. Here’s Ana Victorino striking a post.

Aside from their much acclaimed freedom palette, Inglot also houses a lot of other make – up that you can choose from.


Inglot 22

Base, foundations and illuminators at 1,200 php up.
inglot 12

Face powders at 995 php each.Inglot 11

Loose powder.Inglot 32

False Eyelashes from plain to avant garde at 595 to 995 php each.Inglot 24

Highly Pigmented eye poders at 995 php each.


Inglot 25 More lipsticks at bullet cases cost 795 php each.Inglot 18

Tubes of lipglosses.

Inglot 26 Inglot 14

One of their innovative product is the O2M  (stand for Oxygen and Moisture) Breathable Nail Enamel that allows air and water to pass through cheers for healthier nails. Each bottle cost at 650 php while regular enamel cost 450 php each.Inglot 7 Inglot 31

Inglot 27

Professional brushes at 695 php to 2375php each.Inglot 29

Yummy cronuts courtesy of Bronuts!Inglot 4

Each one get to take home their very own Freedom palette, lipgloss, nail enamel and noteook.Inglot 34Happy beauty bloggers after the event! (L- R) Donna, Ana, Saab, Martha, Julie, Earth and Jackie.

Here’s my very own Freedom Palette!


Matte Blush, Black Rainbow Palette (since I always go for the smoky eye make up), cream concealer and red lipstick.

Thank You so much Inglot Philippines, Laverne Sisters and When in for having me at this event. I can’t wait to get another palette or buy their much acclaimed Gel Liner and O2M Nail enamel.


Ground Floor Glorietta 5, Makati City

Facebook: Inglot Philippines

Twitter and Instagram: @inglotph

Would you like me to post a make – up tutorial using this freedom palette of mine? Tell me ladies and I will gladly grant your request. ❤

Much love,

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9 responses to “Inglot Cosmetics is finally here in the Philippines.”

  1. You had me at Inglot.
    That’s when I hit the follow button.
    Also, I’m jealous.
    My great joy is finding Inglot coming to – I’m sure I will never see a real store.

    1. Hopefully, you’ll have on in your country. 🙂 such a great make-up brand.

  2. Big thanks for posting the price. 🙂 im planning to buy some stuff there kaso im afraid sa sobrang dami at gaganda ng product eh sure mapapatulala na lang ako nakakahiya naman mag calculate ng budget pag nandun kna sa store. Hehehe. So happy to see your blog. God bless. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I hope my blog helped a lot 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting the price and some pictures, I was planning to buy at Inglot, medyo nalito lang po ako, yung sa freedom pallet separate yung price nung lalagyan sa mismong mga eyeshadow?

  4. Hi Eloiza! yes separate yung lalagyan sa eyeshadows and other make up stuff that you will buy 🙂

  5. That’s the cons.. case is sold separately.

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