The Piggy Bank Movement

Piggy Bank Movement

The PiggyBank Movement is an initiative of a group of concerned Filipinos based in Manila, to help the victims of Yolanda in Visayas and nearby provinces.

The initial thought is that it will hard to ask a big sum of money from people but a donation of P10 and will not hurt your pocket. and if all of this donation is combined may result to a large sum of money.

The PiggyBank Movement will direct the money that is collected to JCI Cebu, through their president – Ken Ngo.

So far JCI Cebu has agreed that relief efforts will be concentrated on the following areas:
CEBU: Bogo, Daanbantayan, Bantayan
LEYTE: Tacloban

#Piggy Bank Movement
The amount of money collected as of Dec.1 2013

When I heard two of my friends from DLSU starting out something to help out the victims of Yolanda, I quickly mesaged them and asked how I can help out. It was just a humble start when Ate Daphne (click here to read her own piggy bank experience) and Tim thought of this. It started with mobilizing fellow dancers in DLSu to roam around with the Piggy Banks and the rest is history.

What I realized is that all of us are capable of making a difference. No matter how small or big it may seem. At first, their target is 50,000 but it went way more than that and still counting. I am simply blessed that I was able to contribute even in my own simple ways. Let us not stop in praying and helping our fellow kababayans.

For other ways to help the victims of Yolanda click here:

No donation is too small to make a difference!


The PiggyBank Movement



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