Tangerine Smiles


What would you do if the weather is so gloomy?

For me my best bet is wear something happy and colorful to perk up my day!

I love how the colors pop out against my white sheer top most especially my neon orange flats that can even pass as an early warning device. And have you noticed my new hair color too!



In DLSU, we have the freedom to wear civilians clothes to the expense that we adhere to the dress code policy. So who says you can’t be fashionable without breaking rules right?

This outfit is even commute friendly and light that I can even do the chicken dance! 🙂

By the way, this photo was taken at The Henry Sy Grounds by my friend Seco 🙂 Finally, green grass is back in campus.


Don’t forget to hype it on LOOKBOOK!

     White Sheer Top – Forever 21

   Fuchsia Pink Camisole – Avon

Necklace – SM Accessories

Jeans – Cotton On (HK)

  Shoes – Lower East Side at Payless Shoesource

Till my next Post! 🙂

Much Love,



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