When you hear the word SWAG what comes into your mind?

Usually people would refer it to arrogant or “maangas” in Filipino. Or others relates it so much to the Hiphop culture.

But the word swag simply means the way you carry yourself or present yourself in confidence (from Urban dictionary.com)


I usually wear this kind of outfit, but I realized I never blogged about it. It’s comfy and at the same time stylish. According to my mom, ang lakas maka Anne Curtis kind of look.


Plaid Hoodie By Gap | Denim Tattered Shorts By Human | Black Top By Zara


Camera Necklace By The Bead Shop


Gold and Read Bangles By Forever 21


Black High Cut Sneakers By Converse

Photo By Hannah Rodrigo

Post – processing By Me 🙂

Don’t forget to Hype this look on Lookbook.nu and Vote for it in Chictopia

Tell me what you think about my look, how about you what kind of swag you’ve got?

Much Love,






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