Shu Uemura Eye Opening Collection


Shu Uemura launches it’s Ultimate Eye Opening Collection that will help you achieve bigger eyes from lash line to lash tip.


Four trending hot Asian eye looks: L-R Japanese Dolly Wink, Korean K-Pop Wing,Chinese Bling Bling and HK Natural and Sweet.

Tools of the tradeimage

L-R: Lasting Soft Gel Pencil, Tokyo Lash Mascara and S Curler.


Intense black lashes that are long lasting and smudge proof. shu uemura’s lacquer-black agent provides a glossy black shine.

The s curler’s functional yet sleek side-bar free design allows partial, precise, and pinch free application and fits all eye shapes. Best to combine real and false eyelashes.

My favorite among the Four eye opening looks…The Japanese Dolly Wink


How to achive this look:

lasting soft gel pencil: Intensify the line along the upper lash line, especially in the middle of the eye. Add black line on lower lash line on top of brown, blend well.

curler: “Place the upper pad on eyelid near the tail of the eye, then push gently, using your thumb and middle finger. Start from outside, working your way to the middle, and then to the front, repeating until all lashes are curled.”

tokyo lash mascara: “Start applying to the tail, then middle, then inner lashes, stretching out vertically for a sharper, beautiful finish.”


Here’s my own take of the Japanes Dolly Wink.


And the Chinese Bling Bling, throwback 2010


Which among the four eye opening looks is your favorite? Tell me what you think.

Much Love,


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