Mariane at Eighteen


Don’t panic! I’m not celebrating my debut or something, I’m so done with that almost three years ago (makes me feel old now). I just wanted to share to my readers how my pre-debut shoot looks like and to give some tips for your very own ( you get to celebrate this once and it’s the next big thing to your wedding right?), I hope I give some inspiration to debutantes out there.

First, know what you want and be consistent to your debut’s theme. As for my own, my theme is New York (Gossip girl is so big that time). All in all I had three pegs, I didn’t style it myself okay…I got a little help from my friend Tin Umali.

New Yorker Look



Street Style but has a touch of glam characterized by sequined vest, graphic top, gloves, beret, wedge and lace socks (not in picture)

imageSecond, it should reflect your personality! Who you are and what you do. As for me, since I’m a dancer its a must for this shoot.

Dancer Look image

Dancer look characterized by leather jacket, striped top, denim shorts and Nike Dunks. 


Lastly, have fun! And chose people whom you can work well because it can reflect in your photos if you’re tensed or uncomfy. I am just so blessed to work with an awesome team for my pre-debut shoot. This last peg is my favorite and nagmamaganda lang ang peg.

Bohemian Lookimage

Chiffon floral top, denim skirt, floral chain necklace, bangles, scarf (used as headband and props) and snakeskin pumps (not in photo) 


Since I’m having this throwback thing

Hype this look on and vote for it at Chictopia.

I hope the debutantes and debutantes to be got some inspiration. Share your thoughts. 

Special Thanks:

(it was the time when I’m so young and I need help from the pro)

Hair and Make-Up: Sir Bonf of Studio 546 at Shangri-la Plaza

Styling by: Christina Umali

Photos By: Zeus Martinez and Teki Diaz

Shot on Location: CCF’s Fire Exit, Streets of Ortigas and SM Megamall

(You got surprised noh? who would have thought that after 3 years I’ll be a fashion blogger and shoot so much outfit posts such as this.)

Much Love,





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