Kross Culture Manila: The Werd on the street

Last July 29, 2013 our church, Christ Commision Fellowship (CCF) and Our dance ministry Iron Saints was given an opportunity to host the Vision Casting led by Pastor Matthew “Mistery” Peet from Krosswerdz Australia along with his other teammates. This event aims to give hip hop artists a vision to use this type of culture as an avenue in sharing the Gospel. The event started with an introduction by our very own Gino Ong and Tikboy Rosquillo and  an opening number by Iron Saints.


“Gimme That Funk” 

Afterwhich, Sir Melvin Ang introduced our Speaker Pastor Matthew.

He started by briefly introducing himself what he does and how he was led by the Lord in this ministry (He used to be part of a gang then he got transfromed then he’s now using he’s talents to glorify God cool isn’t). Hip hop is a culture and it has four elements namely Graffiti, DJ-ing, Emcee and Break.  As he discuss these elements he did some freestyling  and even some of the people did some dancing, something different in sharing Jesus.

He proceed in sharing the issues that this culture is facing and they are as follows:

Lack of Identity, Lack of Community, Desensitisation, Sense of Exclusion and Stifling to Expression.

These five things are true and evident especially here in our country, where it has only been afew years back since the shaping of the Filipino indentity in Hip Hop and most especially Christian Hip Hop artist. We don’t even a have a solid community where people can be united in achieving one goal. Most of the time it’s just competition here and there where people try to outshine or be better than the others. Don’t get me wrong, we grow in competitions but can it be a competition where people encourage each other.

On the other hand, Hip Hop is not that accepted in some Christian churches today they are regarded as satanic or even sacreligious. Lay people has to understand that whatever expression it may be, the Gospel doesn’t change, this statement indeed stunned me. Because it’s true!


Just like what Mistery said, why not use Hip Hop as an avenue because it is a global influence. You see it on MTV and Hollywood wouldn’t have produced gazillions of dance themed movies for nothing. Because it definitely sells and those who aren’t believers yet can easily be reached out through this medium. The harvest is ripe my friends millions and millions of people need God in their lives and we should never be left behind in innovating ways to evangelize. Time is short, we’ll never know when Christ will be coming back again, but one thing is for sure we got to move and use what we’ve got to share His Werd.


Sir Melvin Ang, from a pastor to be led by God to use his gift in dancing as a tool in ministering for the Lord. He truly inspired me.


Thanks giving time! Angel and Gino giving Kassie our token of appreciaton.


Thank you to all who came that night! They maybe few but the seeds will eventually grow and multiply.


Doing the “Saints” pose 😉


Saints and Team Vibe.


My only picture hahaha! With the hip hop ladies who can also do Contemp and Ballet. lovely!


Sabaw Time!


Team Vibe!

The night may have ended but the lessons and vision will live on especially for me. Personally, I got really inspired by everyone. Now it’s getting clearer what God has in store for me in the future. My heart’s desire and vision to serve God through dance in a full time ministry is slowly unfolding.

Indeed Praise God for everyone and this event.

Much love,



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