How to hold THE CLUTCH

In the world of personal style blogging, taking detail shots is a must. And one vital part of the outfit is the bag or to be exact the clutch bag. This Woven clutch that I got from Vigan is such a steal at only 80 pesos (with tawad of course!).  Then my friends actually played with it and came with different ways to it, coz they know that I’ll definitely be blogging about it hahaha! 🙂


The Show – One of the most common ways to display it, that most personal style bloggers does. It also showcases arm candies and rings.


The Hanger – This was actually demonstrated by my friend, Gino (credits to you bro :D) Since clutch bags doesn’t have a handle to hold on.. why not hang your finger inside the zipper so it would freely hang while you pose. Not a bad idea right?


The Rawr – This actually made all my friends laugh, since the bag has some sort of scales to clench on this would apply and when you pose dapat fierce! rawr! 🙂


Yours truly trying to be fierce but I just can’t kasi natatawa talaga ako 🙂 (I really have to say that in Filipino). See even the best of the joke times with your friends can turn into creative ideas you simply just have to own it! Happy posing guys!

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