Cupcakes By Sonja opens its doors for a #SweetCause

image Cupcakes By Sonja and joins together for a  #SweetCause

image The kids of giving us a performance.

image Cake Cups anyone? 🙂

image image image image

image This cutie little girl posing for the camera.

image  Me and Alessi with the kids 🙂 I guess we look like kids too!image

Giveaways from Cupcakes By Sonja.

Last October 24, Cupcakes By Sonja opens new doors for a #SweetCause as it launches its fourth and biggest branch so far at the East Wing,Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Aside from that, Cupcakes By Sonja also launched its partnership with in their initiative to build kitchens in their communities. With that they lauched their new product – The Cake Cups. They come in three different flavors namely; Tress Leches with Strawberry, Milk chocolate and Hazelnut Praline and Coffee caramel Biscoff Crunch.

It was such as great experience knowing that your cupcake fix will now be at this side of the metro. Hurray for the north peeps 🙂

To read more about this event click here:

Aside from that, Cupcakes By Sonja will be donating 20% of all Red Velvet Vixen sales to the Philippine Red Cross. If you can’t make it this weekend, keep in mind that on other days, 5% goes to them as well.


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