Silence among wolves.


Have you ever been in a situation where you just found yourself choosing to be silent, when most of the time you rather speak your mind but for this moment you chose otherwise?  Silence is something that most of us would rather avoid, while for some it’s a symbol of weakness or isolation relative to loneliness.

But for me silence or being still is really hard, we are wired by this world to activities and speaking our minds.Being a talker, I tend to speak my mind and express my thoughts to people. But I realized when you chose to be silent,you get to listen more, understand more and be at peace afterwards. 


Silence is a symbol of maturity, come to think of it people who are older tend to speak less they do not enter in heated arguments or always try to make a point. Because people who are mature knows how to understand ( Proverbs 11:12). They do not build up strife among people in Filipino words “malawak ang pag iisip” , these people seek to UNDERSTAND rather than to be understood. 


Silence is a symbol of your confidence in God and an opportunity to hear more of Him. When you practice being silent you get to hear more and with that understand more. Because people who speak less are people who are confident about themselves and what God has given them. In silence there is strength, to trust God that despite of you being silent you are not weak and that He is using this as an opportunity to work through you and in you. And it shows how your relationship with God is, that despite opposition and not trying to defend yourself He will deliver you.


 In silence that’s when God steps into the picture,  when we chose to be silent and not to fight back and lift up your pains , worries and hurts to God. He knows exactly what you feel and in stillness, He will speak to you. This gives you an opportunity to clear your mind and set your focus back to Him. And your purpose are set ,back to where they should be headed. Hold on to His promises, because He will fight for you, learn to be still and silent in His presence.

Have you been burned out or tired lately?

Take some time to be silent.

Much love,



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