Hairscapades in the wild.


I’ve always loved playing around with people’s hair, being a dancer doing your hair and make-up is vital every performance. I never had a “formal” training I just look at the person and see what hairstyle fits her face shape and personality. Just like the saying, our hair is our crowning glory so how your hair is styled gives a great impact to your over-all look.

Last September 1 2012, during our dance ministry’s dance concert entitled – David, I am blessed to style my team mates. The theme is tribal, so imagine Pocahontas meets a hip hop dancer 😀 Together with Ica we visualized and styled the hair of the ladies making each unique. Here’s how they looked like:


First Janna, Since her hair is long and tend to go all over her face while dancing we decided to make it into a side pony with some braids.


Here’s the Back Detail of her hair

Next Nina


Since her hair is already short I don’t want to tie it up. My inspiration is the hippie trend where I made a hippie band for her with most of the braided details on one side.


The close up 🙂 Say hello to hair pins, every hairstylist best friend.

Then Nica..


Nica’s hair is thin so teasing won’t work on it and her fine hair doesn’t cover her face naman when dancing. What I did for her is a side crown, that she loves ❤ Inspired by request.

Then Patrice..image

Patrice’s hair is similar to nica’s. It’s very fine in texture, since she will be wearing a long feathered earring on the side I balanced it out with all details on the other side. Well they she she looks Chinese, maybe because its red 😛


More closer look of her hair


And here come’s Angel, the perfect peg for Pocahontas. Her clothes is similar to pocahontas that’s why braiding it this way completes her look.


Here are the Ladies with their hair fresh from the tribe! Also ruth, the one with orange feathers I was inspired by sunrise for her hairstyle. I would like to commend everyone who teased, twisted and tied the hair of these ladies and those who patiently endured all the teasing and pulling.


I would like to thank Chesca who patiently braided my hair while I’m doing other people’s hair and Ate DJ ,My Dgroup Leader (In the photo )who did my make-up. All photos are by Yana Chua from Safelight, Thanks for the photos lady! Whew.. It was tiring but worth it! Till the next hairscapades! 




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