Confessions of a no boyfriend since birth.

Confessions of a single Since Birth

*A repost from my old blog

I’m turning 20 next month, and most of my friends and even colleagues would ask me many times (to the point na di pa ba kayo nagsasawa magtanong) why I don’t have nor never had a boyfriend coz in this world people would assume that in this age one SHOULD already or at least tried having one.

I wrote this because I hope this would inspire young women just like me to wait, and not jump into a relationship headfirst that would only break your heart and cause heart aches. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti-relationship kind of person. There are loads of couples that I truly admire :”> I hopelessly romantic person and dreams of my Prince Charming a.k.a. GB (God’s Best).

Above all else I wanted to pursue being a woman after God’s own heart just like King David (I know he’s a man but still…) in the Psalms that he wrote, it reflects how intimate His relationship is with the Lord and I want to become someone like that.

I don’t want to get into a relationship just because I needed someone to complete me,rather I wanted to get into a relationship because I am ready to be part of that’s person’s life and him be part of mine. I thank God and those people who have been with me through the years who guided me and loved me unconditionally. I also had my fair share of insecurities especially in High School  when most of my girl friends would have boyfriends and have dates on Valentines Day and receive giant teddy bears but because God has already fill in that part of my heart that longs to be loved I am satisfied with Him alone. What He did on the cross is more than enough for me.


At this point in my life, what I am praying for is for God to work through me and let me grow into a woman just like in Proverbs 31.


I want to a God’s Best first, that means I must use this time that I am single to grow physically (hmm..God will you still allow me to be taller hahaha!), emotionally, mentally, financially and most of all spiritually.

Come to think of it, the span of time a person is single is just 1/4 of a person’s normal life span so make sure we spend it wisely. Be brave, vibrant and active in what you are passionate about — just like in school, church, or workplace.

Singleness is a blessing, and it takes so much maturity to handle it.Be blooming and beautiful lady! That means developing hygiene, fixing your hair, washing your face this is a great time to exercise femininity.


Getting into a relationship is no joke. IT IS A COMMITMENT. Don’t get into it just for the sake of having one you’ll have great chances of getting hurt and that person will get hurt too. When we think of relationships, roses, chocolates, teddy bears etc. comes to mind all those sweet and romantic with tingling effect feeling. But it’s more than that, it means loving and understanding each other no matter what (Stresses on that statement).

There is no such thing as a perfect couple but only those that is armed with understanding and care for each other. It’s not about always romance but the friendship, we wanted someone whom we can be ourselves and will not judge us even though we are at our ugliest stage.


Be a woman who is a cut above the rest. We are created to be unique 🙂 Be a woman of noble character, a woman of courage and integrity. From the inside it will shine,bring it to every room that you go in and bring positive vibes to others.

Learn to laugh (But not too much just like me hehehe.. crazy little girl) and greet everyone with a warm smile on your face. You’ll never know he is just around the corner observing you and dying every time you flash those pearly whites.


Use your lips wisely, don’t use it to gossip or hurt the feelings of other people rather, use it as an encouragement. Be a passageway of blessing, through what we say. Remember whatever things we utter reflects who we really are inside.

This is something the women should really be careful, what we talk about. Imagine, a lady who is encouraging and always has a kind word to say isn’t that attractive?


There maybe a hundreds of hot and stunning girls out there but being a woman of God makes you attractive to a man who is also after God’s own heart. Pursue Godliness and purity ladies 🙂 But it doesn’t mean you’ll not take care of yourself,be beautiful and bloom 🙂 Choose what you wear wisely, put some cologne and be beautiful as you are.

Remember just like the flowers, they just stay and let themselves bloom they don’t chase after butterflies or bees they are still waiting for the right time for them to bloom. Even pitcher plants and venus flytrap never chase they wait. That scary right, if flowers start chasing butterflies. Be still lady he will come in His perfect timing, men are born hunters let him chase and find you for you are God’s princess we are precious.


Being a woman is as complex as it may seem, God didn’t call us to perfection but to trust Him and focus on Him.

For me, I know that the person whom God has destined for me will come in His perfect timing — when I am ready. I know waiting is really hard especially when hormones are raging inside of you, but trust that God will equip us to be able to wait. I do dream of getting married and walking down the aisle with the person whom you want to spend the rest of your life is waiting in the end! One thing, I ALWAYS pray for my God’s Best, I don’t know who he is, I don’t even have an idea if he knows me or not but I’m praying for him that he will grow in love with God more each day, that God will preserve him and give him the desires of his heart.I do get crushes but that’s a different story. Pray for me as I patiently wait and walk in His word daily.

Let me share to you this song that inspired me. Enjoy!


Much Love,



10 responses to “Confessions of a no boyfriend since birth.”

  1. Reblogged this on Great Is Your Reward and commented:
    My thoughts exactly

  2. SriLankanin日本 Avatar

    Reblogged this on A Taste of Daily Candyfloss and commented:
    I love this post! Absolutely a MUST READ for any girl out there ~ especially if you’re single or in a relationship just because society says you have to be in one to “be complete” 🙂 ~ Your partner isn’t going to complete you. He’s not the perfect HALF that can fulfil that sense of emptiness… as most movies these days portray the “prince charming” to be… only JESUS can do that!
    Your future partner is a complete person by himself ( when he has a relationship with Jesus) and the two of you together will be the super duo, doing great things for the world to be a better place 🙂
    So its not about two halves becoming one… its about two whole, complete individuals coming together to become an unstoppable unit of awesomeness! ^^
    So like this post says, while you wait for that “other” complete person to come along (more like for God to bring him), grow to be complete in Jesus… prune yourself so that you’re shining by the light you have as you follow Jesus! 🙂

    1. Thank you! and I am blessed to know that you are blessed with this humble post of mine. I pray that more ladies will be inspired to enjoy singleness and use it for God’s glory. 🙂

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  7. Indeed, Life is so precious and Being single with God grace is much more. Thank you! I Hope that more singles out there will inspire on this!

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