Banana Leaf Adventure

*repost from my old blog

It’s Sunday and my mom bonded for dinner we literally wanted to pig – out so we chose to eat at BANANA LEAF at The Podium. Banana Leaf is an authentic contemporary Southeast Asian restaurant that introduces Filipino diners to Malaysian, Indian, Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisine.


Hence the name, diners eat using banana leafs aside from it’s authenticity it’s also environment friendly.


No worries they have spoon and fork if you are wondering if you have to eat using bare hands. But if you prefer the better savor every bite.

We started with the Pomelo Salad as the appetizer…



It’s one of the most popular and favorites among Thai Salads. Pomelo is similar to grapefruit but slightly bigger and sweeter. Aside from it’s main ingredient pomelo, it also has shrimps, roasted cashews, shallots, strips of cucumber and carrots. It’s taste is a mixture of salty and sweet. Each serving is good for two people.



It literally means fried rice in Indonesian, an d has been called as national dish in Indonesia. The main ingredients for the plain nasi goreng include pre-cooked rice, sweet soy saucesaltgarlicshallotchilli pepper, and some spring onions, slices of cucumber and tomato for garnishing. Some recipe may addblack pepperterasi (shrimp paste), fish sauce, angciu (Chinese cooking wine), or powdered broth for seasoning and taste enchancer. And topped with sunny side up egg, they have it in quite spicy variant and can feed two to three persons.



It’s a Thai favorite that consist of clams, bell peppers, leeks and oozing with thai style currysauce. What makes this dish delicous is the sauce that is both creamy and has a hint of spice in it just the sauce alone can pass up as a viand



Satay originated in Java, Indonesia. It consist of marinated, skewed and grilled chicken and served with sweet peanut sauce. It has a hint of spice, fish sauce and sweetness at the same time. Each serving has four sticks in it and with peanut sauce on the side.

The verdict:

Since we went there on a Sunday I expected that that the place will be packed with families and groups of people. But depite that we are attended in a comfy manner. The food came just in time and the taste id superb. The price is reasonable since their serving is good for two to three people. The place is generally comfy, the seats are nice and the lighting is just the right tone. It’s laid back and comfortable environment. It’s recommended to bring the whole gang or the family here you will sure have a great time.


The food is washed out afterwards coz it’s so delicious 🙂 Till my next gastronomic adventure!


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